Lyophilization technology is one of the well proven reliable technology and widely used in scientifically most advance sector like Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical industries for the production of highly expensive products like life saving drugs & vaccines which gives highest quality standards.

Lyophilization is an effective way of drying materials without harming them. It makes use of the physical phenomenon of sublimation, which involves the direct transition between the solid state and the gaseous state without passing through the liquid phase. To achieve this, the frozen product is dried under vacuum, without being allowed to thaw out. The process is most suitable for a wide range of processing Bio products for preserving the characteristics identical of the initial substance or organisms.

Use of such products is not getting place in the field because of several technological limitations as most of the Bio products are living elements thus more sensitive toward its production, storage, transportation and application. Due to these such products are not getting adequate pace in agriculture. Beside, Short shelf life it is highly expensive and poor in quality in term of prolong viability till its application in normal prevailing conditions and efficacy.

Application of Lyophilization technology in Agro sector is technological answer for overcoming the limitations in use of Bio products. We has invested the technology for the improvement of Bio Products that benefits to soil & plant health for Organic Agriculture.

A Bacterial Process for Agricultural Production

For Organic farming worldwide the influences and demand of Bio- Bacterial products increasing more and more day by day. Production of Bio is very less in all over world due to some complications regarding current old manufacturing process. So Bio products for agriculture is not viable for manufacturer as well as farmer users. So Lyophilization process for Bio production is very very useful in every manner and also will solve all problems. This latest technology is not new but is been only used in Pharma for human life saving drug like Cancer vaccine and others very successfully.

Ordinary Bacterial process (Non lyophilized)There are some limitation in these products as such.. Latest Bacterial lyophilization process Now with lyophilize technology we are getting such advantages
Process Process Single fermentations process at room temp. for 5 days. Triple process - Fermentation - High centrifugation - Lyophilization Lyophilizatxm - maintains products sterile and quality as remained at a Temp. that is below the freezing pc nt (•40t) during the process under yawl Total 10 days
Shelf life Short Life - unsecured for good result for farming. Long Life - stable and secured for best result in farming
Application Complicated and lengthy process so labour charges more Farmers are not preferred seperate product for each bacteria Range of Product lo g due to incompatible each - other Very easy for farmer to use as Lyophilized consortia product. So labour change minimum.
Volume/Packing Big volume so packing cost high 2000 Ltr. is now been just 1 kg. Powder so packing cost cuts down
Storage/Handling Need big storage, Handing is hard due to leakage, breakage, oxidation, decompositions Small storage, handing is easy due to small volume, stable product.
Product quality Problematic in Organic Farming A Most Secure - Safe - Solution in Organic Farming
Stability Chances of - CFU loss and unstable on time duration. Few chances of CFU loss - excellent stability on time duration.
Price effect Due to use of individual products application cost goes high. Due to making consortia (many bacteria in one product) application cost is low..
Marketing Complicated & very few export demand Very - very big demanded, globally also.
Transport Costly and take more time low cost ( Truck load 4 1 Box Only)& Export by air & immediate delivery can possible .