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IRA Aceto Biofertilizers

It is a symbiotic bacteria capable of fixing atmospheric nitrogen by living with sugarcane plants. They are found in all parts of plant body and suitable for sugarcane cultivation.


  • Improves nutrient uptake capacity in soil. Stimulates activity of beneficial
  • microorganisms
  • Contributes to maintain nitrogen concentration in soil.
  • Increases crop yield

Crops Recommended

For Sugarcane plantation

IRA Azo Biofertilizers

It is an associate symbiotic nitrogen fixer, aerobic, free living which makes the atmosphere nitrogen available to various crops. When applied to soil undergoes multiplication in billions and fixes atmosphere nitrogen in the soil.


  • Has the visibility to fix 20-40 kgsN/ha Average increase in yield of 15-30 % It also results in increased mineral and water soluble
  • It also promotes root development and vegetable growth
  • Fortification of the soil occurs with bacterial metabolites and by secreting growth promotes

Crops Recommended

Millet grass wheat maize sorghum rice etc Fruits vegetables sugarcane banana Coconut oil palm chilly line coffee Tea rubber flower spices herbs ornamental trees etc

IRA Azoto Biofertilizers

These bacteria live independent of root systems of plant capable of fixing nitrogen or solubulises soil phosphate without any symbiotic associative and hence they are called non symbiotic bacteria or free living aerobic


  • It uses organic matter present in the soil to fix nitrogen Yield increase by 10-35%
  • They produce growth promoting substances that are gibberlic acid, cytokine,vitamin-

Crops Recommended

Non-leguminous crop like paddy, mullet, cotton, tomatoes, cabbage and other mono cotyledon crops wheat, barley, maize, carrot, also fiber and oil producing commercial crops.

All soils with a history of applied fertilizer contains large amounts of insoluble phosphorous. Our product is formulated to solubulize these frozen reserves utilizing efficient bacteria azotobacter species in conjunction with a phosphate liberator BS

IRA Consortia Biofertilizers


It is a consortia of rhizobium, Azatobacter, Acetobacter, PSB and KMB.


  • They are environmental friendly, safe for all plants, animals and human beings. They fix atmospheric nitrogen equivalent to the application of 15-35 kgs of chemical nitrogen / ha, phosphate solubulizing bacteria helps in crops taking15-20 kgs phosphorous/ha from soil (insoluble phosphorous pool)

Crops Recommended

For all crops

IRA KMB Biofertilizers

Potassium (K) availability in soil is also influenced by the microbial activities in the rizhosphere which releases K from the non exchangeable reserve. These microorganisms are commonly known as Potassium Mobilizing Bacteria.


  • It can be used in different types of soils. They keep the soil biologically active and maintain soil health. No loss in plant growth promoting activities. Helps plan to utilize K in fixed in soil. addition helps to augment 10-15kgs K /ha.

Crops Recommended

For all crops.

IRA NPK Biofertilizers

Mode of action

Azotobacter Spp. in NPK liquid formulation increase nitrogen uptake, produce plant growth harmones)IAA,GA), vitamins enhancement in uptake No3, Nh4, h2po4, K and FE.

  • It is a formulation of Azospirillum a free living Nitrogen Fixers the convert the in atmosphere into a more active from that can be used by plants. Helps in increase soil fertility and stimulate plant growth.
Bacillus Megaterium
  • It is a formulation of PSB which products organic acids and acid phosphotases that helps in mineralization of organic phosphorous in soil helps in optimizing the crop production and minimize phosphorous loss from soil.
Frateuria Aurantia
  • It is a formulation of K.S.B. that convert insoluble potassium in the soil in to a form that plants can access. Helps in increase the crop yield and keeps the crop healthy.


  • 1-2 Ltr. per acre through drip of soil drenching for horticulture crops. 1-2 Ltr per acre mix with 200 Ltrs of water for spraying in vegetable and eld crop at all stages.


  • Wheat, Chilly, Cotton, Paddy, Maize, Citrus, Mango, Orange, Pomegranate, Papaya, Grapes, Banana, all vegetable, fruits, Pulses, Horticulture and all other crops.

IRA PSB Biofertilizers

These bacteria produce organic acids like tartaric, fumaric, maleic, succinic and acetic acids which solbulise insoluble form of phosphates present in the soil and make it available to crop plants


  • Benefits By the hydrolytic activities of these organic acids, the insoluble phosphorous is rendered soluble in the soil. Fortification of the soils with bacterial metabolites. They play a major role in the solubulization and uptake of nature and applied phosphorous. It can increase crop yields upto 200-500 kg/ha Yields of different crops increase by 30-35%

IRA Rhizo Biofertilizers

These bacteria live inside the root nodules of leguminous plants. These nodules are bacterial houses while living inside the root nodules, get shelter and food material from the plant and the atmospheric nitrogen is used by the plants. The plants and bacteria both are mutually beneficial and symbiotic in nature


  • Better yields can be achieved
  • It can fix 50- 200 kgsN/ha in one crop season
  • Can increase yield upto 10-35%
  • Due to rhizobial activity root hairs and nodules secrete a mucous substance which enhances soil fertility and growth of the plant
  • Due to rhizobial activity root hairs and nodules secrete a mucous substance which enhances soil fertility and growth of the plant

Crops Recommended

The beneficiary crops are groundnut, soyabean, red gram, green gram, black gram, lentils, cow pea, chick pea etc. and fodder legumes.

IRA ZSB Biofertilizers

Zinc Solubulizing Bacteria are microbes which efficiently solubulize Zinc from various sources like Zn-oxide, Zn-phosphate, Zn-carbonate and can be used in different types of soil.


  • Helps plants to utilize Zinc fixed in soil Helps in fortification of Zinc in the grains. Addition helps to augment 2-5kgsZn/ha.

Crops Recommended

For all crops.