LIQUID DAP - Lyophilized

Product Details:

These bacteria produce organic acids like tartaric, fumaric, maleic, succinic and acetic acids which solublise insoluble form of phosphates present in the soil and make it available to crop plants.


  • By the hydrolytic activities of these organic acids, the insoluble phosphorous is rendered soluble in the soil.
  • Fortification of the soils with bacterial metabolites.
  • They play a major role in the solubulization and uptake of nature and applied phosphorous.
  • Yields of different crops increase by 30-35%.

Crops Recommended

Wheat, Chilly, Cotton, Paddy,Maize, Citrus, Mango, Orange, Pomegranate, Papaya, Grapes, Banana, all vegetable, fruits, Pulses, Horticulture and all other crops.


  • Mix 2 lts in 30-50 lt of water or mix 5 lts in 30 to 50 kgs. of compost or FYM or sand/soil and broadcast over 1 acre at all stages for all crops.

Manufactured by:

IRA Biotech # Plot No. 50, 3rd oor, ALEAP Industrial Estate, Pragathi Nagar, Quthbullapur, Medchal-Malkajgiri District-500090, Telangana State.