Our Fish Products

  • Star Fish

    This product contains 92 varieties of nutrients and 46 nutritive anti oxidants along with minerals, amino acids, carotenoids & vitamins.

  • LB Plus

    Natural protein source Exact number of colony forming units.Economical and sustainable product.

  • Nano Seaweed

    Nano seaweed is the best suitable raw material for powder and liquid formulations and can be used as a soil amendment in fish ponds to enhance all kinds of zooplankton productivity.

  • Plex

    Balance the aquatic phyto plankton proliferation and algae bloom, which helps to reduce the dinoflagellates and luminescence organisms.

  • VSO

    IRA VSO keeps a check over opportunistic bacterial pathogen in aquatic environment by providing bacterial effect for long period.

  • Vitals

    Combination of all minerals, vitamins along with a unique blend of lyophilized microbes.Fixes water parameters to reduce turbidity.