Product Details:

A Combination of Protein Hydrolyzates(3%),Humic Derivatives(8%) and Fillers and Carriers(89%).


  • FERTYLLIC SPRINT is a naturally derived organic granules which inuences the plant physiological system of all crops.
  • FERTYLLIC SPRINT penetrates through cellular membrane to stimulate the plant physiological process.
  • FERTYLLIC SPRINT accelerates cellular division and increases vegetative growth.
  • FERTYLLIC SPRINT enhance the enzymatic activities to strengthen the plant defense mechanism at time of flowering & fruiting to resist pest & diseases.
  • FERTYLLIC SPRINT promotes root growth and enhances the ability to absorb plant nutrients from the soil.
  • FERTYLLIC SPRINT reduces ower & fruit drop.
  • FERTYLLIC SPRINT Signicance increase in quality & Quantity yeild.


Paddy, Maize, Sugarcane, other eld and horticultural crops


  • 4kg FERTYLLIC SPRINT per 1 acre.

Manufactured by:

IRA Biotech # Plot No. 50, 3rd floor, ALEAP Industrial Estate, Pragathi Nagar, Quthbullapur, Medchal-Malkajgiri District-500090, Telangana State.